How we are funded

Arts Offices are funded by their individual local authorities and also by:

  • the Arts Council of Ireland on the basis of annual applications to them
  • through the Per Cent for Art Scheme. A government initiative, first introduced in 1988, whereby 1% of the cost of any publicly funded capital, infrastructural and building development can be allocated to the commissioning of a work of art up to the value of €63.500. Since 1997 this scheme has been made available to all capital projects across all government departments and has been used to commission both permanent and temporary work. For further information see
  • a variety of local, regional, national and international partnerships, that vary from county to county, including most recently Creative Ireland

Who we fund

The 1973 Arts Act, and subsequently the 2003 Arts Act, gives local authorities the ability to allocate grants to develop the arts.

The 2001 Local Government Act empowers local authorities to support cultural activities in their areas.

Local authority funding varies from county to county but key resources are supported across all counties such as

  • venues
  • programmes to support access and participation by the public in the arts
  • programmes to engage young people and children in the arts
  • professional development of artists of all disciplines e.g. musicians, painters, film makers, dancers, sculptors, actors etc.

Contact your local arts office to see what is being funded in your area

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