Theatre Artist Residency

Theatre Artist Residency: Limerick City and County Council

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 00.16.01As part of John Sheehy’s Theatre Artist Residency he is writing a new play DOG SHIT CITY. This will be his most ambitious project to date in terms of scope, scale and design. It is a play about a city so absurdly covered in darkness that sometimes the sun declines to rise and the tide refuses to come in. The traffic lights are always red and tourists wander around, looking in vain for places of interest.

John is also working with two groups of new writers. The first group are collaborating on a play consisting of four interweaving monologues. Using this method allows each playwright to work individually around a central theme. This work was performed at Friars’ Gate Theatre, November 2015.

The second group wrote a series of one act plays that received a rehearsed reading by the in-house drama group as part of Culture Night September 2015. John’s role as Theatre Artist in Residence at Friars’ Gate Theatre is supported by The Arts Council and Limerick Arts Office, Limerick City and County Council.

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