Dublin Ships

Dublin Ships: Dublin City Council

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 03.45.29Dublin Ships was commissioned by Dublin City Council in partnership with the Dublin Port Company and the Dublin Docklands Development Authority as part of the Dublin City Public Art Programme, Strand 2 – Interaction with the City.

The work by Cliona Harmey is located on the Scherzer Bridges at North Wall Quay. The artwork is generated from live electronic signals which track the arrival and departure of each ship in Dublin Port. The name of the ship is then transmitted in real-time to two large LED screens facing towards the city, and remains illuminated in black and white until the next ship either arrives in or leaves the port.

Dublin Ships brings to life the movements ships in Dublin Port daily, creating a strong visual and cultural link between the port and the city in full view of Dublin’s citizens, commuters and pedestrians. The work juxtaposes the speed of instantaneous data against the speed of movement of real entities in space. Dublin Ships highlights the meanings and poetic qualities of ship names, which include allusions to maritime trade, cargoes, historical figures and distant places.

For further information see: www.dublinships.ie

Dublin City Public Art Programme: www.dublincitypublicart.ie  

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