Rhyme Rag

RHYME RAG: Kilkenny Art Office

The Rhyme Rag is a poetry publication featuring the work of young Kilkenny writers which was initiated in 2005 by Kilkenny Art Office. The initial Rhyme Rag was an annual physical publication where poems are submitted, read and a number were selected by an editor. These selected poems were skilfully and wonderfully illustrated by our resident illustrator and published in a unique and distinctive comic style paperback.

In 2010 the future of the Rhyme Rag was assessed as the Arts Officer felt that the model did not fully utilise the skills and interests of our participants, i.e. it was felt there was a need to communicate and convene online… via social networking sites. Hence the development of www.rhymerag.net, this new model maintains all of the creativity and poignant expression, the production of new work and visually stunning presentations of this work. Poems are submitted; the resident editor reads and gives feedback to all of the poets. This is very encouraging and heartening to all of the poets who engage with the site. Two poems per month are selected and fully illustrated for publication on the site. These poems are also printed weekly in our local paper further broadening and developing audiences. Over time we have built a wonderful community of writers and poets. The website is full of emotion – pain, joy, sorrow, anger, frustration, humour and hilarity. The writing prowess of our young writers is also growing and the programme is complemented by ЯƎVERSE, our school and library based poetry workshops and residencies, thus giving extra supports and encouragement year on year.

The site will continue to grow over the years adding more and more poems and visuals – pictures, words, emotions and expression…


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